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Nogoto Chucky


Alaekinoz Da Casa Mont Alves (Imp Pgl)


‘Chucky’ is sired by our own Alaekinoz Mexican Wave (iid) – co bred with Barb Dunlop. Chucky has only been lightly shown, but has placed on the podium every show and has always been graded Excellent. We look forward to the next generation. Chucky has a personality to match the quirkiness of his coat. He loves to make people laugh and enspires havock amongst his other canine companions.

‘Kino’ has an impressive Laekenois pedigree. She is a compact and very typey girl, who, like Chucky, has a sound and outgoing personality that endears her to all who meet her.

This is our long awaited litter from Chucky and Kino and we are not disappointed. With 2 girls and three boys (Curly, Larry and Mo). The two girls made their show debut’s at both ends of the continent on Saturday the 12th September 2009. Tilly in Ingham and Prada in Melbourne!



Belgenbeau CK Curlie Sue – S McClurg Qld Belgenbeau CK Rags To Riches – Lesley Longmuire Vic



Nogoto Chucky Laekinoz Mexican Wave iid

sr Be/Fr/Lux/Ndl ChOpiumvanKriekebos HDA

Ndl Ch Qwini van Kriekebos HDA (Blg)
Lanaken Oblina

sr Be/Fr/Lux/Ndl ChOpiumvanKriekebos HDA

Xibelle van de Duvetorre (Blg)

Alaekinoz Da Casa Mont Alves (Imp Ptgl)

CH PT GI Bugatti D’Eroudur  Allago des Fauves de Saline
Zicelle D’Eroudur
CH Ned Lux VDH Natures Best Venice CH Bel Eur Ned Rothchild van de Duvetorre
Queen van Balderlo