Ch Vanrusselhoff Legend CD

Multi Specialty CC Winner Ch Manava Mate

This is a truly long awaited litter and we are very happy with the 3 little girls and 1 young man Heidi has produced for us.  Strong and robust from day one – we are expecting brilliant conformation and breed type, as well as excellent colour and coats and most of all exceptional temperaments.  Heidi has always been an incredibly special dog to live with and has always produced puppies of excellent type and temperaments.

I am certain this litter will be no different.

Litter consists of 3 females and 1 male.

It appears we have 2 Tervuerens (1m and 1f) and 2 Malinois (2f)

I can see these puppies contributing strongly to both varieties in their future!


Pictures taken at 1week
Pictures taken at 4.5 weeks