AU/DKBR/DK CH Bryan Vom Haus Mecki IPO3 SchH3 (Imp NWY)

Belgenbeau BeZed Scarlett

We used Bryan over our girl Heidi as an experiment to combine his wonderful character with her breed type and temperament.  We are very pleased with the result.  Bryan throws puppies with brilliant minds and lovely heads and combined with the show lines I am very happy with the results so far.  This time we have used Bryan over our girl Scarlett and the one resulting puppy appears to be just what we ordered – a Malinois with a great mind and lovely type.

Sadly Scarlett had 4 babies but we lost 3.  The autopsy results were inconclusive but it is suspected that Scarlett’s maternal instincts did not kick in early enough.  However Uno was obviously the strongest and had the will to survive.  She is a very very special puppy in more ways than one and I am eagerly awaiting the outcome of her temperament test @ 7 weeks and then doing the “puppy puzzle” @ 8 weeks!!

This is a baby that is thoroughly spoiled and expects nothing less from me!



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