Owned by: Nathan Lutz

Bred by: L. Trotter

DOB: 22-12-2008 – 23-02-2009

Tank was the only Tervueren from our Malinois litter. A bright enigmatic little guy, Tank knew all the moves to make people pick him up and give him a cuddle. He was not here long enough!


Belgenbeau Dumaji Joodah


Allianse Lord OValkyrie RUBISS Ch Corraddee Lord Valhalla
Tiloup de Romanin (Imp Blg)
Belgenbeau BeZed Scarlett Ch Aisance Zodiaque (AI)
Ch Bonvivant Alcheringa (Imp UK)


Tank was owned by Nathan, one of the Police stationed here at Doomadgee. He spent his days with Nathan when he was not at work, and nights with Miss Pink (the evil Malinois sister). We told the locals they were our Police Dogs in Training!! One local told us he would ‘sing’ their noses so they could not find them – I wonder what he had to hide!? 🙂

We noticed Tank was not himself Saturday the 21/2/09. Mid afternoon we got the local Ambulance officer to put in a Cannula so that we could administer fluids regularly. Because we did not know what we were dealing with we kept him hydrated and gave him antibiotics. He was up and down over the next three days and it was like a very emotional roller coaster ride. Due to the isolation here, it was not possible to get him out to a vet until Monday evening, but we thought he would make it. Sadly just as the plane arrived, he started to crash, passing away within the hour.

I have to thank RIchard (evil Husband) who usually counts the $$$ but this time gave his full support for whatever we had to do to save Tank (except fly in a charter Helicopter), to Nathan who watched quietly and ran gofer for anything that was needed, to close friends (you guys know who you are) who knew when to ring and what to say. Lastly – but my no means the least – I want to express my gratitude to all the folks on Belg L who followed tanks last 3 days, offering support, suggestions, links and information as well as an abundance of emails full of kind words after we announced Tank had not made it! THANK YOU ALL!!