Belgenbeau Where’s The Fun ‘Juno’





Hey there Lynda,

Sorry .. shift work makes you lose track of time!

Ok .. holy cow bout the coincidence ‘Where’s the Fun!’ .. hahaha .. I love it! .. I knew it was meant to be!

Her and Kartch (my Akita) .. absolutely get on like a house on fire! .. They sleep together eat respectfully with each other and respect each other’s boundaries no probs. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!!! .. I absolutely love her and so does Kartch, he loves having her around and they’re great pack mates.

Here are some pics. She’s looking great, temperment is excellent, she’s been going to obedience class most every week .. seems to LOVE it .. grows more confident with other dogs out there all the time socially and she’s great with people. She loves to learn! .. And I’m loving teaching her.

Both dogs seem to enjoy each other’s company immensely, I often see her with his big bushy tail in her mouth as he’s trotting around the patio .. it really is quite funny! He’s incredibly gentle and patient with her, very tolerant when he sets boundaries and vice versa. They can eat meaty bones outside quite close to each other without any dramas what so ever. It obviously took some refining but that was sorted ages ago, now it’s just standard routine. I don’t even have to be around it’s great!

Hope you like the pics! I started bike riding with her just 2 wks ago alongside Kartch .. she seems to love it now so that’s great! She runs on the inside and he’s on the outside. She’s still getting use to the car rides, still not greatly fond of them yet .. but she will in time.

Hope all is well! .. You’ve bred some really nice tempered dogs .. and I’ve been raving bout it!




Belgenbeau Where’s The Fire ‘Mr White’




Hi Lynda,

All going well this end, Mr White is now attending puppy school and doing well in his training there and at home.


Hi Lynda,

Update for you: He now weights 14.4kg, has been de-sexed and has graduated from puppy school.



Belgenbeau Bare Inasia ‘Bare’



Hi Lynda

Honey Bear is growing really pretty. She is an extremely smart pup.She knows the stay command already.I’ll get a lastest pic of her to you this weekend. Attached pic is a week ago I think.She is putting on weight.She is a good girl apart from tearing my plants down to nothing on my patio and gone swimming in my husband’s fish pound. My pot plants are getting less by each day. Her favorite moment is when we get home from work in the evening. She gets to come in and spend the evening with us watching tv.She will just lay down beside me and go to sleep.

Look how pretty my Honey Bear is now. She is just my angel. My husband says she look like the wallabies (miniature kangaroo) in your country. If I got the spelling right.She is actually not that fat. It’s just the sitting position that made her tummy huge. You should see the fun she is having with my Herky boy. They are meant for each other.

Cheers, Flo


Belgenbeau BeZed Arinya ‘Rinny’

Australia – Victoria


Hi Lynda,

I’m emailing from work, so when you reply, could you please flick it to the home email address.

Just to strike whilst the Iron’s hot (so to speak) Janice said you had ‘Rinny’s Critique from the grumpy Belgian Woman and I’d love to read it!!It probably makes her out to have 3 heads J but nevermind!!!!

She got to 25 points on the weekend and I hope her CH will be done by March (at least that’s the plan!!)

I also hope to have her in Novice obedience at our clubs Obedience trial in March and have a Tracking CH by August (again, just the plan!!).

I hope you were happy with what you saw in terms of temperament. I get comments left, right and centre these days about how relaxed she is so I couldn’t be happier with my little kid!!I have learnt more than I ever thought possible with her and I don’t think I could ever live without one!!

Anyhoo that’s enough babbling from me, must do some work!!

Take care and chat soon.

Sarah Trembath