July 2017

A lot has happened since our last update. It will take some time for me to catch up so I will start with updating newest additions first and work on adding the missing bits in the middle as I go. I will add links on this page as things are updated.

August 2013


January 2013

Hopefully 2013 will be the Year for Regular Updates!!?
.... Probably not, with one Grandchild and a second on the way, life just seems to get in the way. But I certainly will try!!

The low point of 2012 was losing the amazing Fax ...

Fax was one of the most remarkable dogs that I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and I know that Ashley, Narelle and family will miss him greatly!! Fax left amazing legacy in his children and grandchildren around the world. Thank you Ashley, Lorry and Narelle... !!

Our first litter born in 2013 is going to be a blast ..... with Zico as the sire I know that we will have our hands full but I am sooo looking forward to the challenge!

We also have a Laekenois litter on the ground who are already 4 weeks old. I think we have a couple of Malinois in this litter also.

2013 will also bring the first show for our two Fax Grandbabies (Our Fax daughter Elle is the mother and the stunning Rex Bergerac de hu (Imp Hgy) the sire!

March 2011

Finally I am able to update my site after having it hacked and pages deleted!! April 2009 was the most recent page I have at the moment until I unpack my computer so I will just put the most recent updates for the moment.

February 2011


Belgenbeau Portia De Rossi (iid) took Best Of Breed and was shortlisted in the Top 8 in Group. Portia was brilliantly and expertly handled by the gorgeous Zara and is owned by Bec and Jude.

January 2011

Belgenbeau are on the move AGAIN!! This time back to the beautiful Atherton Tablelands, where Richard and I first met in 1983! After experiencing the Flash Floods in Toowoomba, we made it up here just in time to then experience the thrill called Cyclone Yasi!!! Scarlet and Ruby are happy to finally be out of Jail, and have a large yard of their.

Novemeber 2010

Fax is now owned by Lynda Trotter and Ashley Hoffman.

April 2009

CONGRATULATIONS to Leilani Schneberger and Treasure - US CH Belgenbeau Holy Grail (Imp Aust)


FAX WINS BEST IN SHOW !!! With a total entry of over 1060, Ashley and Fax have again shown what an amazing team they make. This puts Fax as No 1 Working Dog in NSW, No 6 All Breeds New South Wales and No 21 All Breeds Nationally (Dogzonline Pointscore)

It looks like Fax will be smashing a lot of records before the year is out!!


On the same day, Tash Pluim won Reserve Winners Bitch at the American Belgian Malinois Club Specialty with Belgenbeau Bryscar Cameo,OB2, BH, AD,TT, CGC

You can find Cami at


09/04/2009 Sydney Royal 09

DOZER - Radnor Defused Event - Best Of Breed Laekenois

FAX - Bergerac Faust (ImpHgy) - RU Best Of Breed Groenendael - Trotter/Lund

AMPER - Amper Oridix (ImpHgy) - RU Best Of Breed Tervueren-Harbour/Trotter

RUBY - Belgenbeau Bare Repreti - 1st Junior Malinois


AMPER - Amper Oridix (ImpHgy) - 3rd Excellent Jumpers - Harbour/Trotter

Thanks to Ashley and Natasha for handling Fax and Amper in conformation, and Tanyia for training and running Amper in his Agility runs.


March 2009

Updated page for Dozer - Radnor Defused Event


Updated Planned Litters Page





FAX WINS BEST IN SHOW !!! Way to go Faxman!! FAX's Best in Show was hot on the tail of his RESERVE IN SHOW earlier today!! A Reserve in Show and BEST IN SHOW all on the one day. His handler extraordinair is Ashley Hoffman! Congratulations Ashley!!!

Also keep an eye on Fax at the DOGZONLINE POINTSCORE

New Health Info Page - Hip Dysplasia

This page is taken from information on the USA OFA site and gives comparisons of other Hip Score Registers

Cami (Belgenbeau Bryscar Cameo OB1 BH AD TT CGC Imp Aust) passed her OB2 at the Marysville Schutzhund Club in California today. She did some fun new behaviors today that she has never done before, but I was pleased with her. She is a little spitfire, and we are going for her Sch 1 next month. We have finally worked out our Tracking Problems (yipee!), so I am very excited for our next trial.

A big huge Thanks to her Breeder Lynda Trotter and Momma Scarlett! Also to Amanda for her boy Bryan! It is great to have a Mal that really can do it all.

Tasha ~

February 2009

New page for Tank - Belgenbeau Dumaji Joodah 22-12-2008 to 23-02-2009

New page for Skipper - Belgenbeau Dumaji Wot Now

New Home Page

New page for Arrow Groenendael

New Page for Dozer Laekenois

New Page for Kino Laekenois

New Page for Sassy - Laekenois

New pics of Dumaji puppies here

More updates to come ...


January 2009

New pics of Dumaji puppies here


December 2008


New page with photos and ifo about Doomadgee


Scarlett x Saxon babies have arrived. 3 boys and 1 girl - mother and babies doing well. Photos to follow


Updated Coat Colour Inheritance page.


Fax wins RU BEST IN SHOW and BEST IN GROUP with 950+ entries at Castle Hill on the 14th December (Fax was shortlisted for BIG on Sat 13th)

Fax wins BEST OF BREED both days at Castle Hill on the 13th & 14th December.


Fax wins BEST OF BREED both days at Canberra on the 6th and 7th December.


Amper now has his Agility Dog (AD) title & Jumping Dog (JD) title. He is 1 pass off his Snooker Dog (SD) title & Strategic Pairs Dog (SPD) title. Ampers biggest Agility success so far is achieving equal 10th in the Regional Qualifying Heats (RQH) from around 150 dogs.


Amper is now BIS Aust, Hun, Astn, Svk, Int Ch SR PE Amper Oridix IPO I CSAU Tan+ Agility III JD AD


Fax now has his Agility Dog (AD) title, Jumping Dog (JD) title, & Gamblers Dog (GD) title.


November 2008



Fax wins BEST IN GROUP ALL THREE DAYS at the Spring Fair (21st, 22nd & 23rd November), handled by Ashley Hoffman and Natasha Weraduwage.


Amper wins BEST OF BREED ALL THREE DAYS at the Spring Fair, handled by Natasha Weraduwage and Nicholas Luke.


Puppies due soon! Saxon x Scarlett - See Puppy Page.


Fax wins 4 Best in Group wins in a row - 3 at the NSW Spring Fair handled by Ashley Hoffman


New Dogs added

- Beau (Belgenbeau Dare tobe Bare) CC Dog and Puppy in Show Qld Specialty



- Ruby (Belgenbeau Bare Repreti)

- Leiluu (Belgenbeau Bare Leiluu)

- Keira (BISS Ch Belgenbeau Re Immer Dein)

- Honey Bare (Belgenbeau Bare Inasia)

Actually there is a bucket load of new pages - so happy browsing..!!!

July 2008


Updates have been few and far between due to our move. I will try and catch up so keep checking back.


AMPER has arrived. WOW! Not much more that can be said. AMPER is a truly versatile dog and we look forward to watching him in the Conformation and Agility Ring. AMPER lives with and is co-owned by Justin and Suzanne Harbour of Belgnte Kennels

NUGGET (Belgenbeau Avion Nujea) has come to live with us for a short time to keep the girls company. He settled in quickly and it wasnt long before he had a whole compound of admirers!

KATHY (Co-owned with Justin and Suzanne Harbour of Belgnte Kennels) has been mated to Mike van de Schagerwaard (Frozen Semen Imp Nld). This litter is being bred by Carla Spelt of FAUVETNOIR Belgians. KATHY has been confirmed in whelp with puppies due lat August.

AMPER has sired his second Australian litter for Carla Spelt of FAUVETNOIR Belgians. Dam is the lovely Enya of the HomePort (Imp Blg) and puppies are due late August / early September



Groenendael and Tervueren litters planned in partnership with Belgnte Kennels under the Belquente Prefix.