Occasionally we have adult dogs that are up for adoption/sale or Breeders Terms (see below). If you are interested in any of the dogs below please contact us. Or, if you have an adult Belgian Shepherd that for whatever reason you can't keep anymore, please contact us and we can add their information to our website to help find a new home for your dog.

Rizzo - Laekenois born April 2013

Sire: Belgenbeau Wheres The Fuzz
Dam: Belgenbeau Twisted Sista

Miss Pink is a sweet girl that would love to do whatever it is you want!! She loves to chase the ball, and is the only dog I know who can beat Ruby to the ball, and if she doesnt, she takes it off of Ruby. (For anyone who knows Ruby - that in itself is amazing!)

An interactive home is necessary - Miss Pink does not deserve to be left in a yard on her own. She simply wants to please you.

Phone: Lynda on 0458 040 990
OR Email:

Belgenbeau PS

Miss Pink has matured into a really lovely Laekenois - both in looks and in personality. We are looking for a show/perfomance home for Miss Pink as we need to keep quality such as hers in the gene pool.