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About as Remote as you can get in Queensland!!

This is Pink's Grave - Belgenbeau Romeos Juliet Dec 2007 _ May 2008
Pinks Grave - Pink was a very special puppy. She ws only here a short time but she sure made the most of what time she had!!

Richard and I moved to Doomadgee in March 2008, a posting (and promotion for Richard) with the Qld Police Service. Richard and I have lived in Doomadgee previously in 1992 to 1994. It was much harder then with only 3 Police and no Police compound. While we now live in a compound (which we all work hard at making look like a home away from home) with up to 10 Police (although we have yet to see it fully staffed as of December 2008) it is still a difficult place to live. I currently only have 3 dogs (Scarlett and Ruby Malinois and Short Dog - Richards multi national dog!) Amazingly all three of our kids have been to visit us here .. Leith, Lauren and Chris. Leith brought her partner Jarred and they have now both joined the Queensland Police Service and will be sworn in May 2009! Lauren came with her partner Jim who is also a country lad, and Chris is here with us at present trying to make some money!!

Doomadgee in the summer regularly reaches 40+ degrees with Christmas day approx 42. Humidity can also be a killer!

Fishing here is great - with the Barra running at present due to the wet season. Already having the record for catching the biggest Barra ever while living in Chillagoe - I decided to retire while on top - but still enjoy watching the others trying to catch guppies! ;^) I prefer to fish with a hand line and silver hook - and am still having success that way having caught a large Mud Crab and a huge Samon and some very healthy Brim. I much prefer salt water fish to fresh water fish.

Police here have traditionally been called Bullimen, and while it can be a very volitile place to live in, Richard and I have been reacquainted with many friends made when here last time, and most of the locals remember and respect Richard from days gone by which has made his job that much easier.

I will update pictures here from time to time so please come back. Hopefully I will include some of the Doomadgee Dog clan (maybe even a few of the camp dogs - of which there are way too many!!!!)


Doomadgee Kids Christmas Day 2008 - after recieving lollies from the Police

Ever seen a black Santa? A first for me too! :) It's a wonder Stafford didn't expire in that suit considering the heat!!